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VulkanBet – Online Casino and E-Sports Betting Offers

Many people all around the world are now finding solace in online gaming. A higher percentage of men and women now enjoy e-sports betting, casino gambling and other virtual means of entertainment which earns them some extra cash

As a renown sorcerer in the business VulkanBet has got all their user’s online gambling/gaming wishes covered. This bookmaker was established in the year 2015 in the jurisdiction of Curacao as a GmbH Group with international coverage. It is duly licensed to do business by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and is currently being managed by Verbenaz Limited. This Bookmaker Office is located in Malta.

VulkanBet offers you to bet on e-Sports, regular sports, and software from top casino software providers in the business. VulkanBet’s website is informative, well-arranged, and easy to operate. Its contents are available in the English and Russian languages. Enjoy betting on virtual games, running casino software and betting on live sports matches.

Line & Bet types in BookMaker VulkanBet

Betting on VulkanBet bookmaker can be done in three major ways, as you can either chose to place your stake on:

  • Super exciting casino slot machines with choices from top software providers in the trade, such as Net Entertainment, Betsoft, Quickspin, Endorphina, Yggdrasil, Oryxgaming, etc. Vulkanbet has over 1,500 pokies available for your consumption.
  • Cyber sports such as prediction of outcomes in matches and tournaments of NBA2k, Hearthstone, CS: GO, Dota 2, etc. and,
  • Real sports betting where you can wager on live bets or pre-match predictions.

E-Sports Betting at VulkanBet

The relevance of e-sports in the gambling business has boomed in recent times due to the shutdown of most popular world sports leagues such as the 2020 NBA season, La Liga, and Champions League games because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is why VulkanBet provides punters with mouthwatering odds on over 18 top e-Games to pass time with and fill in the void of real-life sports betting.

Your chance of winning big on VulkanBet’s e-sports are very high not just because of the juicy odds available, but also in the statistics, results, team ratings, records of past tournaments displayed for your perusal on the website. These displays are intended to give you hints as to the current best teams, the ones with high potentials, which in turn can help make the best decisions.

There are over 18 intriguing cybersports from which you could choose from. You find the latest events and tournaments of NBA2k, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Overwatch, Starcraft II, King of Glory, and many more.

Other E-Games available on VulkanBet bookmaker include the following:

  • FIFA
  • CS: GO
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Ice Hockey eSports
  • Valorant, etc.

VulkanBet has also just recently upgraded their website to support live streaming of some of these e-sports. At the time of writing this VulkanBet review, we streamed a live PUBG game where the player played on the “Europe” map. And in our opinion, the game was quite exciting to watch as it was provided in full HD.

What Kind of Bets Are Offered on eSports?

In case you are wondering which betting options are available for you under the e-Sports category, worry no more, as VulkanBet offers you a chance make extra cash off correct map score predictions, odd/even maps, predict which team is going to win, predict top two teams to reach the final safe zones, final map winner, and even guess if there is going to be an overtime in any of the matches.

What is even more interesting here is that VulkanBet provides you with the handicap betting option to bet double on your favourite player, predicting that they will defeat their opponent with a handicap scoreline – this gives you mouthwatering rewards in case your favourite player wins.

Bet on the Main Events and The Most Popular Tournaments

Bettors enjoy a wide range of exquisite betting options on VulkanBet e-games, you can easily access the odds for matches, cups, and tournaments just on the right-hand side of the screen beside the event. So, all a bettor needs to do is peruse the bookmaker’s e-sport page, check the odds-on games available and proceed to make their choice.

Take for example if you are a fan of FIFA games you can bet on FIFA, eSports Battle, Europa League, Champions League, Night Europa League, CSI Cup, Russian federation, and Nations Leagues.

If you prefer arcade/action/shooting games, PUBG, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and other games are available to bet on. Take, for example, you can bet on Counter-Strike tournaments such as CS: GO Fight Night, Hellcase Cup, ESEA Season, HomeSweetHome, RTP Arena Cup, DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 – Oceania, and many more.

For lovers of adventure games, feel free to follow and bet on players in League of Legends cups such as the Mid-Season Cup 2020 and the Pulsefire Cup 2020. Here, just as it is available on others, you can place your bet on a specific number of kills you predict a player to make on a map or through the course of the gameplay.

You can also join the Overwatch in “saving the day” as you get to enjoy betting on all or some of your favourite Contenders in tournaments. You can as well stake on the main Overwatch League.

ESports Cash Betting Instructions

Now more seriously, now that you must have seen the available odds, you must be wondering how to even play and place your bets. This is very simple, follow our step to step guide in this VulkanBet review on how to place bets on VulkanBet bookmaker:

Step 1: The first step is to get your mind ready that you are about to part with some of your real money for more in case luck flows your way (the risk in gambling). In this vein, the legal requirement is that you are 18 years and above. Move to the next step if you have fulfilled this age requirement.

Step 2: Now before you play any game for real money on VulkanBet, you are required to sign up as a user, on the platform, so fill the page that requires your details such as email address, full name, and phone number.

Step 3: This is where a bettor has to pick a preferred means of making payments online. Find the deposit button, click on it and feel free to pay for your betting via your direct bank transfer or employ e-wallets and other online real money dealers such as Skrill, Trustly, Neteller, MasterCard, etc. Note that you can also fund your VulkanBet account with back-up bet in your wallet anytime you wish using any of the available options as long as it is available or supported in your country (this makes it easier for you to bet quickly next time you want to play).

Upcoming Games

As at the time of writing this VulkanBet review in 2020 bettors were anticipating the epic battle in Counter-Strike between contestants Unicorns of Love (with win odds of 1.05) vs. team Touch the Crown (with odds 8.88). On FIFA we had Real Madrid (4.12 win odd) Vs. PSG (2.09 win odd) – these teams had odds 3 for a draw.

Sports betting at the VulkanBet Bookmaker’s Bureau

Before the advent of the internet and online gaming, real money sports betting was traditionally done using vouchers purchased from land-based bookmakers. However modern bookmarkers such as VulkanBet have revolutionized the business by providing access to sports betting online. Bettors can now easily launch VulkanBet Bureau, peruse live scores, follow stats of games, check past game records and place bets on teams of their choice.

VulkanBet provides bettors with up to 12 different popular sports to stake real money on, these include Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, Volleyball, MMA, American Football, Table Tennis, Darts, and Rugby League.

As at the time of writing this VukanBet review world tournaments such as the following were actively on for punters to gamble their money on.

  • Germany. Bundesliga. Season 2019/2020
  • Russia. Premier League. Season 2019/2020
  • Belarus. Vysshaya Liga. Season 2020
  • South Korea. K-League 1. Season 2020

The odds in the sports section are very juicy as you can predict and bet on an outright win, an exact number of goals you think a team will score in a match, a tie, a defeat for a team, a knockout or that a boxer will last for some rounds in boxing, some touchdowns a particular team will have in an NPFL match, and many more options.

Sports Betting at VulkanBet

You would agree with us that people love to bet more on their favourite sports, i.e, sports that they are quite passionate about or have positive opinions about. Some of the top-loved sports available for betting on VulkanBet include:

  • Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Tennis,
  • Cricket,
  • Ice Hockey,
  • Boxing,
  • Volleyball, etc

The accessibility of sports such as football and basketball to casual bettors also influence the success of the sports. If a sport has a large number of casual bettors, its popularity can only continue to be on the rise.

LIVE Sports Betting

Live real money sports betting allows punters all around the world to place their bets or gamble on an ongoing match. This system of betting is also known as in-play betting. In live betting, bettors make quick bets on various outcomes and circumstances during the sport.

Now you should not confuse Live sports betting with other games as in live games you:

  • Bet spontaneously on a game as it commences or during the match.
  • Live stream the game and look out for changing odds and special offers relating to incidents in the game.
  • Unlike in other games where you make a fixed bet and watch events unfold, live betting allows you to even make a cross bet against your previous bet.

Punters are allowed to live stream major sports matches on this bookmaker; these major sports include Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Tennis.

Live Betting Features

Every bettor needs to understand the invaluableness of Value. Value simply refers to the lucrative quality of a thing that makes it attractive to people. And in betting terminology, value refers to the lucrative value of placing your bet on a particular match or game, and the basic way to knowing this is to compare the value on its odds.

Another way to test value in a bet is to check whether you are going to win more than you would have ordinarily expected. In essence, VulkanBet offers bettors games like this as they offer more value. However, note that popular opinion is that the risk of games like this is equally high.

Live Betting Strategy

Master the following strategies and tips for a better live betting experience:

  • Understand Value: First of all, you need to understand value as we have explained earlier.
  • Pay attention to the Game Flow: Sometimes you may have an edge over bookmakers who sometimes place reliance on computer algorithms and simulations. Take, for example, a major player got injured during the game, you know this leaves the opponent team weaker and you can bet on the other team winning before the system records the event.
  • Master the Interface: You need to be able to swiftly read the patterns of lines that pop up on the bookmaker’s interface. This gives you the edge to check values and leverage on almost perfect predictions. VukanBet comes with a superb-easy-to-use interface graphics, so you can relax on this.
  • Look out for Opportunities to Hedge: Hedging simply means, switching your betting side a little bit to the opposing team on your initial bet to lock-in to some winning potentials.
  • Do your Homework: This simply means you should do a prior check on the team you are looking to place your bets on, know their stats, know their weaknesses and other facts that give insight into possible betting options when the game starts.
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The Highest Odds among Bookmaker Offices

Vulkan Bet bookmaker, has some of the juiciest odds to offer among Bookmaker Offices all around the world. VulkanBet’s odds compete with that of high odds bookmakers such as Betway whose’ are just slightly higher. The odds-on live matches change frequently on VulkanBet so it is left to you to study the changes and leverage on the opportunities that come. Note that a green triangle appears whenever the quota goes up, and a red triangle appears just below the box of the quota.

Course and Margin

A margin in sports betting simply refers to the profits a Bookmarker Office makes from losses made by a bettor. Margin is also called “Juice”, which is what bookmarkers squeeze out of lost bets. You are not required to pay juice on every stake you make, only the loser has to pay that.

Here is a Vulkanbet betting scenario to illustrate further:

  • La Lakers +2.5 (-210) and
  • Golden State Warriors -2.5 (-210)
  • The -210 means that you are staking $210 to win $200
  • Losing the game means you are paying $200 + $10 margin

How are the margins calculated?

Now you must be wondering how we got to know that the margin in the above scenario is $10, right? Relax, here’s a step by step guide to calculating margins by hand (bear in mind that there are online tools you can use to calculate margins easily):

Step 1: Convert decimal odds to its market percentage (also called overround) by dividing “1” by the odds.  For example:

  • Sports bet line
  • Real Madrid 2.4
  • Barcelona 1.6
  • 1÷1.6 = 0.625
  • 1÷2.4 = 0.417
  • Total = 104.2% (Market percentage – the market percentage of all the probabilities offered in a bet).

Step 2: The next step is for you to use the overround to calculate the margin on the Vulkan bet. Find the simple formula below and how to use it:

Formula: (1 – [1÷overround] × 1)

Application to the scenario: (1 – [1÷1.042] × 1) = Juice 4%.

Quick Registration and Signing into your Account

Now that you have an idea of the bet lines and services provided by VulkanBet, why not open an account and peruse the VulkanBet Bureau as a standard user.

The login process on VulkanBet bookmaker is free and with no deposit required. The first step is to click the “Log in” button on the screen then click on “REGISTRATION”. On the registration page, provide your email address and other personal details such as your home address, phone number, and enter your preferred password, then tick the Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy agreements. Then click “SUBMIT”.

Quick Registration with Social Media Accounts

Hey! You can also sign up on VulkanBet quickly with your popular social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Confirmation Process

A verification mail will be sent to the email address you provided, click the link to verify your account and that’s it, you’re in. Feel free to change your password anytime.

Now, after getting your VulkanBet account verification done, you have a couple of benefits to enjoy. Take, for example, risk-free bets when you get double of every of your first three stakes totaling $600. However, note that there are bonus terms and conditions you have to fulfill to redeem these new account offers.

Juicy Facts about Being a Registered Player

You get to enjoy the following benefits on signing up as a user on VulkanBet:

  • You can now play for real money,
  • You enjoy the signup bonuses,
  • You get even more bonuses for staying loyal to the bookmaker,
  • You have exclusive access to a series of bet lines in sports, reports, and casino gaming,
  • Enjoy special offers as a VIP player,
  • Play with other high rollers like you in case you are one.
  • Opening an account with VulkanBet is completely free.
  • You get an added advantage of not having to pay 5% betting tax which is commonly passed on German bettors by many Bookmaker Offices.

Vulkan Bet – Bonus Offers for Bettors

Playing your online games on VulkanBet bookmaker allows you to enjoy special bonuses such as risk-free bets, in-game bonuses on slots, baccarat, scratch, and a host of other casino games. This bookmaker also provides you with monthly bonuses, weekly, weekend bonuses, and special days offers (such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc. special bonuses).

Some of the in-game bonuses you enjoy on slot machines especially include wildcards, free spins where you play several rounds with no deposit, respins, special bonus round that excites you and rewards you greatly, jackpot-winning wheel of fortunes, cascading reels, progressive jackpots, etc.

Also, watch out for other random VulkanBet bonus offers usually published on the website’s interface. Vulkanbet also offers some juicy benefits to its VIP members (usually High Rollers). Some of these Vulkanbet VIP bonuses include:

  • Faster withdrawal period.
  • A cashback of 1.5% of their losses per week,
  • No fees or additional charges on deposits/withdrawals,
  • Higher betting limits (most times as high as the VIP bettor is willing to bet,
  • And of course, higher withdrawal limits.

Welcome Bonuses at VulkanBet in 2021

Now let us a closer look at the latest general bonuses on VulkanBet bookmarker as well as bonuses on each line available for 2021. As a registered player on VulkanBet, you are immediately provided with a bonus page on your dashboard. It is on this bonus page that you can input all bonuscodes that you are entitled to.

Take for example the VulkanBet bookmarker automatically provides you with an exclusive code on registrations, redeem this bonus by inputting the code in the bonus section. You get to enjoy the double worth of your first three deposits on this platform. Note that the total reward program cannot exceed $600.

Bonuses on VulkanBet Sports Betting

For bonuses in the sports betting section, after you must have signed up:

  • Place a Vulkan Bet of at least $10 and get $10 extra to place bets on games.
  • Note that you have to redeem this welcome bonus offer with a deposit within 5 days,
  • It is only available on your first deposit,
  • You must wager the $10 on a bet of nothing less than 1.75 odds.
  • Also, you must deposit 20x the bonus amount before you can withdraw proceeds from it.
  • Lastly on this, the maximum you can withdraw from the bonus after meeting the bonus terms above is $50.

Bonuses on VulkanBet Casino

You stand a chance to win 125 spins and up to €1,000 as signup bonus on VulkanBet casino. Here, there are two bonus stages:

First Bonus: Deposit a minimum of €10 and you are instantly awarded 100% of your wager (Note that the awarded bonus cannot exceed €300) and 25 free spins to play Gonzo’s Quest slot. These free spins are issued at €0.2 per spin.

Second Bonus: You can only receive this bonus after you must have redeemed the first one. You get 125% of your deposit of 15 to 44.99 euros coupled with 50 free spins to play with on Indiana’s Quest. However, you get 200% of your stake if you bet 45 euros upwards coupled with 100 no deposit spins to play with on the Zeus slot game.

On the second bonus:

  • For the 125% bonuses: The highest cashout/bonus awardable is 400 euros and you enjoy the free spins for 0.2 euro per round,
  • For the 200% bonuses: The highest cashout/bonus awardable is 700 euros and you enjoy free spins at 0.5 euros per round.

Note generally that it is necessary to redeem the bonuses within 5 days of acquisition, you can only be awarded the bonus once, you cannot rollover two deposit promotions at the same time, once you do this, the previous one will be deactivated. Also, earnings from free spins are deposited in a separate wallet on your account from which you can only use to wager in games.

Bonuses on eSports

Use the bonus code “ESWELCOME” to activate this welcome bonus of up to 50 euros. Note that the minimum deposit to activate the bonus is 20 euros for a 100% match.

Major requirements here include that:

  • You must be a registered VulkanBet user,
  • Offer expires after 14 days of issuance,
  • Bonus code available for eSports,
  • The maximum you can wager from the bonus is 100 euros, and
  • You must stake at least 20x the awarded bonus before you can cash it out.
  • You cannot rollover bonuses.

Types of Promo Codes in the Bookmaker Vulkan Bet

The promo code simply means a unique set of alphabets and or digits that are usually awarded to players for the activation of a bonus offer on their account.

These codes have unique qualities and may either be of one-time-use or periodic use. Take, for example, you can only use the welcome bonus codes once in life, whereas, some periodic/holiday or special event codes may be used multiple times during those special events.

How to Get the Promo Codes?

You can get some promo codes by checking for updates in the “Promotions” section on the VulkanBet bookmaker’s website. Other promo codes can also be awarded by third-party platforms that are affiliated to VulkanBet. Take for example, “bookmarkersbet” is the promo code offered by bookmarkers bet platform to all users.

Note that these promotions can either award you real money prizes, grant you a discount on bets, award you with no deposit betting on special matches/event, or allow you to bet with no deposit required.

In essence, VulkanBet promotions can be categorized into the following:

  • Unique welcome bonuscode usable only by new users,
  • Third-party promotions offered by affiliate companies,
  • Special events and periodic bonus codes such as monthly, new year, Christmas, and other special holidays’ offers.

How to Activate a Bonus Code?

Activating VulkanBet promo codes is quite easy if you know your way around it. Follow the steps below to unlock bonuses using codes:

Step 1: Open account on Vulkan Bet.

Step 2: Log in to your account and check the bonus section.

Step 3: Copy the promo code you got on Vulkan Bet or from affiliate programs.

Step 4: Paste this code in the bonus code field.

Step 5: Fulfill all necessary bonus requirements by the bookmarker.

Step 6: Enjoy your bonuses on games and cash out anytime.

Loyalty Program and Cashback

VulkanBet rewards its users with loyalty bonuses for using the platform for a specific period and for making multiple bets within a period. Staying loyal to the platform simply means actively using it.

Cash backs, as we have discussed earlier in this VulkanBet review refer to that percentage of money the bookmaker gifts back to their user periodically from their losses. This benefit is usually exclusive to VIP members and mostly the cashback percentage doesn’t exceed 1.8% of their weekly losses.

Continue to check VulkanBet Bureau’s “Promotion” section for updates on offers and incentives available on the platform.

Methods of Depositing cash into the Vulkan Bet account

VulkanBet gives bettors a wide range of legit third-party platforms to use to make deposits, and this is important for several reasons. The variety allows players from all around the world to find the most convenient way to made deposits without restrictions because some payment methods are not supported in some jurisdictions.

VulkanBet allows you to use some of the most popular payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, Trustly, Dotpay, Sofortuberweisung, and GiroPay. These methods have worldwide reckoning for their reliability, speed, and because they are legit.

How to make your First Deposit

Why not learn how to make your first deposit on Vulkan Bet and enjoy betting on all your favourite sports, eSports, and casino games? Use the following steps to make your deposit.

Step 1: Got to the VulkanBet wallet page and click to fund account,

Step 2: Pick your preferred payment method and for the sake of thus VulkanBet review we shall be using MasterCard,

Step 3: Pick your preferred currency from EUR, USD, SEK, RUB, and CAD,

Step 4: Input the amount you want to deposit which cannot be less than 10 euros.

Step 5: Click “deposit cash” and you will be redirected to your bank page where you will be asked to enter the digits imprinted in front of the card and then the CVV numbers behind it.

Step 6: Once you have entered this, you will be sent a one-time-password (OTP) in your email or by phone number. Input this OTP and the transaction will be approved immediately and your VulkanBet funded with the amount paid.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

The minimum you deposit you can make on Vulkan Bet is 10 euros or the equivalent of it in your preferred currency. However, while some payment methods have no maximum limit you can deposit, some do. Check the table below for the minimum and maximum deposit for VulkanBet’s payment methods:

Payment Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Skrill €10 €3,000
MasterCard €10 €5,000
Neteller €10 €3,000
Maestro €10 €5,000
VISA €10 €5,000
Dotpay €10
Sofort €10
Giropay €10
Trustly €10
Paysafecard €10


Cash Withdrawal System

Now the VulkanBet’s cashout/withdrawal methods are not as many as the deposit methods. In other words, you can only use the following methods for disbursement of money into your account:

  • MasterCard,
  • Bank Wire Transfer,
  • Skrill,
  • Maestro,
  • VISA,
  • Sofort, and
  • Sepa.

Check the table below for crediting periods and minimum withdrawal amount for each method:

Withdrawal Method Withdrawal Time Minimum Withdrawal
VISA/MasterCard 4 to 6 banking days €5
Neteller 1 to 2 days €5
Trustly 24 hours to 3 days €5
Skrill Within 2 days €5
Bank Wire Transfer 6 to 10 days €5
Giropay Up to 2 days €10

Supported Currencies

The currencies supported on VulkanBet portal include EUR (euro), USD (US Dollars), and PLN (Poland Zloty).

Responsibility for paying Taxes from a Winning

The responsibility of paying betting tax and performing other civil responsibilities such as betting tax declaration concerning withdrawn funds to your jurisdiction is on you. Also, you should know that the maximum transfer you can withdraw from your Vulkan Bet available balance at a go is 300 euros, so you can calculate your betting tax using that.

VulkanBet: Online Casino

VulkanBet casino is one of the best in the business. The casino houses a lot of software from casino software owners in the business such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Betsoft, Evoplay, etc. One of the most amazing facts about this casino is that even unregistered players can play games demo mode. However, only registered players can play for real money.

Vulkan Bet Slots – Top Rated

Vulkan Bet casino houses over 1,500 slot games in their portfolio, out of which you have classic 3 reels slots, modern 5×3 reels video slots, fruit slots, and other unique multiple reel slots online. Check out 5 top-rated slots in this Vulkan Bet review. These slots include Ramses Book, Stampede, Arcane Reel Chaos, Aloha Cluster Pays, and Fruit Zen.

Ramses Book: Ramses Book is a fantastic Egyptian themed slot machine by Gamomat software provider. The slot comes with a 5×3 reels structure and smooth visual. Players have up to 10 paylines to stake on and enjoy bonus features such as 10 free spins, gamble feature, and wild/scatter symbol.

Aloha Cluster Pays: You would love Aloha Cluster Pays slot by Net Entertainment if you are a fan of Tiki culture. It comes with a jungle theme and 10 pay lines; you can bet from 10 to 100 euros per spin. You play with hilarious tiki sculpture icons, see the game’s winning table for all that each icon pay.  Boost your winnings with cluster pays, mystery symbols, sticky win respins, no deposit spins (free spins), and stacked symbols.

Stampede: Stampede is a wildlife-themed slot by Betsoft. Play with up to 20 free spins when you land 5 of the scatter symbols. Other bonuses include wildcards and double up. Play the demo or for real money, there are 1,024 (pay lines) ways to win here – go check the winning table.

Arcane Reel Chaos: Arcane Reel Chaos is another slot from Net Entertainment. This one is for lovers of action and sci-fi. Bet with 0.20 to 200.00 euros per spin. Use the autoplay button, and enjoy bonus features such as wildcard, free spins, and unique game boosting effects from the characters in the game, for example, Flare’s multipliers, Chrono’s respins. You have 20 paylines to place bets on.

Fortune Dogs: Fortune Dogs is a hilarious Chinese themed slot from Habanero. You get to see images of cute dogs, spin the reels with wildcards, scatter, bonus, and fortune dogs feature. It comes with 243 (pay lines) ways to win. Enjoy the demo or make some extra cash when you win on bets.

Winnings at the VulkanBet Casino

The first thing you should bear in mind is that there is no sure win in gambling as it is a game of chance. However, software owners have provided in-game incentives/game boosters to boost players’ chances of winning. Some of these game boosters include wildcards, free spins, multipliers, gamble feature, etc. Find some details below:

Free Spins: It is common on many slot machines online to win free spins by landing at least 3 of the scatter symbols on the reels. Once the free spins are triggered, you get to spin the reels for a specific number of times with the bet that was on when you first triggered the bonus – without having to place new bets.

Wildcard: Wildcards are known to help every other icon on a slot to complete their winning combinations (except scatter and bonus symbols in some cases).

Respins: This simply allows you to spin one more time without betting.

Multipliers: A 2x multiplier, for example, doubles your earnings in one round.

Gamble Feature: This is usually like a mini-game on casino slots. It either tells you to predict the suit of a card or predict head or tail on a coin, and you win double or quadruple of your earnings. You lose your earnings if you fail to predict correctly.

Winning Combinations

Now the most popular winning structure on many slot machines is that you win a reward once you land at least 3 of a kind of a symbol on any of the payline structures available. Payline structures vary depending on the slot game in question, you could have 3 paylines (common with 3 reels fruit slots), 10, 20, 50, etc.. You can also have payline structures in the form of ways to win, e.g. 243, 1,900, etc. ways to win.

Now, one of those factors that determine the lucrativeness of a slot machine is its volatility, you will likely experience more wins in a slot with medium/high volatility variance. The RTP, i.e. Return to Player is that percentage a player gets on their earnings, and most profitable slots have around 96% or more. Your earnings are paid in the form of disbursement into your users’ wallet when you win.

Other Online Games at Casino

Other exciting software on Vulkan Bet apart from slots include Roulettes, Baccarat, poker, scratch, and other table games. This casino offers table games from top providers such as Amatic, 1×2 Gaming, Betsoft, Habanero, Tom Horn, etc.

Examples of such games include Poker3 Heads Up Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Multihand Joker Poker, etc. On card games, for example, cards are dealt by the house (bookmaker’s system) automatically, so all you need do is place your bet and either choose to “fold or bet”. Feel to adjust the game settings to your taste.

Live Casino

Now, for the live casino, you are simply connected to a server at the top land-based casino around the world. A hand then represents you and responds to your voice commands. This system also allows you to bet against high roller gamblers from several parts of the world.

Feel free to play live casino games on VulkanBet bookmaker. Available options include Live Keno, live roulettes, live pokers, etc. at destinations such as Europe Lobby, Monako Lobby, American Lobby, and more.

Blackjacks Online

Blackjack is one of the card games provided by Vulkan Bet casino. You get to choose from varieties of it such as real money European Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Classic/Traditional Blackjack. Play 3D Blackjack from 1×2 Gaming on VulkanBet casino.

 Roulettes Online

Here, you get to spin roulette wheels, with 37 to 38 numbers on one and a ball on the other. Hope that the wheel with the ball stops on the position (s) you placed your bets on. You can predict that the ball will fall within red or black or that the number it falls within will be an odd or even number. VulkanBet offers you real money Roulette varieties such as American roulette, European Roulette, and French roulette. Play 3D European Roulette from 1×2 Gaming on Vulkan Bet casino.

Pokers Online

This is simply a card game where cards are dealt amongst players, and the bettor with the highest/best hand value wins. Play real money live poker games against other players around the world or play against an AI (artificial intelligence) on video poker. Find on Vulkanbet casino poker software such as Ride’m poker from Betsoft, Double Poker from Tom Horn, Joker Poker 50 Hand, etc.

Game Providers at Casino VulkanBet

As we have mentioned earlier, VulkanBet is affiliated with top reliable software providers in the gambling business. You have Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, Oryx, Plank Gaming, NextGen Gaming, NoLimitCity, Quickspin, Yggdrasil, Playson, Play N Go, Realistic Games, Red Tiger, 1×2 Gaming, Wazdan, 2by2, Amatic, Switch, Scientific Games, Blueprint, ELK Studio, Chance Interactive, Big Time Gaming, Ainsworth, Gamomat, Golden Hero, Kalamba, Iron Dog Studio, GIVME, and many more. Be rest assured that these providers design exciting modern games and software that are well-secured from hackers and fraudsters.

Let’s talk about 3 of these providers briefly:

TOP-3 Providers

Net Entertainment: NetEnt is one of the oldest and well-respected providers in the business. It was established in 1996 and has since then revolutionized the online casino system by designing amazing slots, poker games, baccarat, etc. Most of their games are mobile compatible.

Betsoft: Betsoft has also been in the business for long, established in 1999 and has been winning several awards of excellence since then. The provider supplies casinos in the Americas as well as Europe. They offer games with interesting themes such as riches, Egyptian culture, Chinese culture, Mexican Tiki, Leprechaun, etc.

Evoplay: Evoplay came into the business in 2017 and has since then proved to the world to be worthy of its attention. The provider holds licenses awarded by Curacao, UK Gambling Commission, and Malta Gaming Authority. Evoplay has over 50 table, slots, and instants games in its portfolio.

VulkanBet – Available from different Mobile devices

Thanks to the smart use of the HTML 5 technology, the VulkanBet casino is very compatible with mobile devices. In other words, bettors all around the world can easily access the website by phones and gamble/bet on games of their choice.

VulkanBet bookmaker online runs smoothly on mobile devices such as Androids, iOS, Windows Phones, Tablets, etc. Note now that your phone must support Adobe Flash Reader to be able to run some Vulkan Bet software.

Also, there two ways to run this platform by phone. The first way is by accessing the website via a web browser, while the second is by downloading the bookmaker’s application. You can download the application on app stores such as Apple Store, Play Store, and on other mobile app stores your smartphone supports. Install the Vulkan Bet application and enjoy your casino games anywhere and at any time.

Interestingly, the gaming quality on your mobile versions is not different from the ones on smartphones, just that you may need to access your account on desktops to make quick fund withdrawals. The major differences between the two versions are:

Mobile Version Desktop Version
Easy to access anywhere anytime. Only accessible when you are on your desktop.
Smooth graphics just like you have on the desktop A wider interface that allows you to see things on the website more clearly.
Delays funds withdrawal time (due to proper checks against fraudsters. Available for a speedy withdrawal of funds
Download apk version Download and install .exe version

Customer Support & Bookmaker’s License

Vulkanbet is a tested and trusted online bookmaker. It is duly licensed to operate in the Curacao jurisdiction. It is also authorized to do business by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission. The bookmaker is currently being managed by Verbenaz Limited.

Vulkan Bet leads in the campaign for responsible gambling and displays boldly on the platform that persons below the age of 18 are prohibited from using their services. VulkanBet frequently upgrades its security system, and this is why the website and apps are secured with the latest SSL 256-bit encryption. This prevents hackers and fraudsters from having access to users’ details.

Customer Support Services

VulkanBet’s support services are available 24/7, the platform has skilled/qualified customer service representatives. Feel free to reach out to them via the following options:

  1. Via Email at [email protected]
  2. Phone: +4930255555742, or +35725054751.
  3. Via Chatbot: Feel free to ask the AI bot basic questions about the bookmaker. You can tell it to redirect you to a live support service anytime you need advanced assistance.
  4. Or you can visit the Bookmaker Office at Geraldu Farrugia street, Zebbug ZBG 4351 in Malta.

Note that the support services are currently only available in 4 languages; English, German, Russian, and Turkish.

Vulkan Bet Casino review

After going through several opinions about Vulkan Bet and casino online, we conclude that the bookmarker has indeed created a good name for itself. However, the only areas where some customers complained about are the limited number of languages and delay in withdrawal for mobile devices.

However, overall opinion is that Vulkan Bet is one of the top-rated bookmakers in the world as it has an easy-to-access website interface, comes with 3 well-loved bet lines (eSports betting, Casino gaming, and real sports bets) it is affiliated with top casino providers, has mobile optimization, and is very safe to use.

Vulkan Bet FAQ

Now check out some of the frequently asked questions about VulkanBet online bookmaker and casino. We have also provided accurate answers to these FAQs to give you fast access to these likely questions you may have in mind.

What eSports can I bet on?

Vulkan Bet has a series of action, adventure, soccer, basketball, and many other cyber sports you can bet on. Some of these popular cyber sports include events on CS:GO, Call of Duty (COD), FIFA matches and tournaments, PUBG, NBA 2k, etc.

What Sports can I bet on?

You can bet on a host of sporting events, pregame predictions, and live sports betting. Examples of sports you can bet on include Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis tours, NFL matches, etc.

How to get the Welcome Bonus at VulkanBet?

After signing up on Vulkan Bet, you can redeem your welcome bonus by accessing the bonus section on your dashboard and imputing the unique bonus code provided to you by the bookmaker. You can now make deposits to unlock the cash. You get 100% of your first 3 deposits not exceeding €600. Read the terms and conditions for more details.

How to Make a First Deposit at VulkanBet?

First pick your preferred payment method; which could be MasterCard, direct bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, VISA, Giropay, Paysafecard, Sofort and Sepa (pick a payment option supported in your jurisdiction). In case you are using MasterCard, input the amount you want to deposit (starting from €10), click “submit” then input the numbers on your card, wait for an OTP that will be sent to your phone number or mail. Click “submit” And your deposit is made successfully.

Are casino games available on VulkanBet?

Of course, you have a host of casino games to choose from on VulkanBet casino. There are up to 1,500 interesting slot games from top providers in terms of ratings, roulettes, video poker, live casino gaming options, Keno, Blackjack, and other table games.

How to contact customer support quickly?

Click on the chatbot icon (in the form of a headphone), call VulkanBet support services by phone (+4930255555742 and +35725054751) or email them your inquiry at [email protected]

What license is casino operates by?

VulkanBet bookmarker is certified to do business by the Curacao jurisdiction. It has additional licenses from UK Gambling Commission as well as the Malta Gaming Commission. Put in other words, VulkanBet is secure to use and its casino games are fair because it uses the RGN (randomly generated numbers) to determine winnings. All these prove that this betting platform is legit.

Conclusion about Vulkan Bet Bookmaker

VulkabBet is one of the best bookmakers in the business as of 2020. The bookmaker has been espousing Goodwill since its establishment in 2015 – which is shown in its high ratings online. VulkanBet offers betting lines in real sports, eSports, and online casinos. You can easily find exquisite gaming software from top casino providers VulkanBet’s affiliates) on VulkanBet. VulcanBet provides some of the best odds on your favourite sports tournaments/matches. The cyber sports section displays top virtual games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA games, and a host of others. Know that live-streaming is now available for most of these games offered on VulkanBet bookmaker. You can also enjoy live bets on ongoing sports matches, tournaments, and events. Bet on real sports such as Champions League matches, LaLiga, and other league games. The payment system is super secure as it comes with the latest SSL 256-bit encryption. Enjoy your gambling/betting experience on VulkanBet’s smooth and easily accessible interface today. Also, gamble and make extra cash from which you do not have to pay 5% betting tax which is a responsibility that many bookmarkers usually transfer on users.


  • Wide range of bet lines and software to bet/gamble on.
  • Offers some of the best odds in the business.
  • Provides several modes of making payments.
  •  Smooth and easy-to-access website interface
  • Accessible on Mobile Devices
  • Welcome bonuses available
  •  Support services available by phone
  • Cash back on losses for VIP/Loyal punters


  • Bonuses are tough to redeem
  • Some live streaming options are not available
  • Delayed fund withdrawal on mobile devices.